S&M Agricole

About Us

We are based in Bernolsheim, Bas Rhin, France, S&M Agricole has great connections through the world in several countries for commercialise the ploughs and all kind of machine of soil preparation such as disc harrows, chisels, rotary tillers, cultivators, wood buriers and sowing machines. Having four different brands under its roof, S&M agricole continues the family business that has been going on for generations. The product range is constantly expanding its with new customers. The owners of S&M Agricole, who are a family manufacturer, serve in France with their understanding of quality, discipline and experience for generations. S&M Agricole company, which started to provide commercial services in France a short time ago, made its name by attracting great interest in a short time with its quality employees, disciplined and regular working approach. The machines bearing latest production technology, has its own heat treatment process, powder coating line, assembly line, laser cutting units. As S&M Agricole, we collaborate with quality brands for special raw materials such as seamless steel. S&M Agricole keeps the service it provides at the highest level by keeping its product range in a quality that will attract great attention not only in France but also in Europe and other countries. S&M Agricole has four different brands which are Fortis, Tessa, Unlu and Matris and these brands are used through us in 4 different continents in 35 different countries.


Quality goals. Our specialists constantly focus on operating the tools in the field

Design and test

Smart and user-friendly tools. We invest to make the most accurate and consumer friendly tool designs.

Our Vision

Our fundamental goal is to make the latest innovations available to farmers around the world at a reasonable cost. S&M Agricole's vision is to help further develop crop yields around the world. We are aware of the global starvation rate in many continents. We don't just sell our tools, we also bring our knowledge and experience to the table. Our satisfaction comes from your appreciation.

Our perspective for the future is to be available in every country where agriculture is practiced. To achieve our goal, we produce tools ranging from simple to complicated to meet all your needs.

Our Mision

S&M Agricole is becoming the largest agricultural company in France. Our long experience and latest technological establishments lead us towards the foreseen future. Our goal is to provide global and standard tools at a reasonable cost. We are aware of the difficulties faced by farmers in general and we want to be the solution. The main mission of S&M Agricole is to reduce the negative factors such as fluctuations in the economy, climate change and skilled labor, etc. giving you the best soil tillage, less fuel consumption and maximum time savings.

Join our growing family

S&M Agricole is expanding! If you are looking for new opportunities, S&M Agricole has the most durable tools as well as professional relations and communication. Our goal is to bring our experience and quality to everyone who needs it. We would like to start with you.