S&M Agricole offers you variety of options for both smooth and hard conditions

S&M Agricole

Our Story

We are based in Bernolsheim, Bas Rhin, France, S&M Agricole has great connections through the world in several countries for commercialise the ploughs and all kind of machine of soil preparation such as disc harrows, chisels, rotary tillers, cultivators, wood buriers and sowing machines. Having four different brands under its roof, S&M agricole continues the family business that has been going on for generations. The product range is constantly expanding its with new customers. The owners of S&M Agricole, who are a family manufacturer, serve in France with their understanding of quality, discipline and experience for generations. 

Technology & S&M Agricole

S&M Agricole invests in technology and design. We took steps to create our R&D centre by taking government support behind us and we are developing our new projects during the installation phase.


Our quality is proven by the trust we have created with farmers.

Decent Price

Effective and durable tools at a reasonable price.

Special Structure

User-friendly novelties to meet all expectations.


  • Disk Harrows
  • Chisls
  • Rotary cultivators
  • Sub Soilers
  • Tine Harrows
  • Subble Cultivators
  • Power Harrows

Sowing Machines

  • Pneumatic Seeder
  • Subsoiler Seeder

Join our growing family

S&M Agricole is expanding! If you are looking for new opportunities, S&M Agricole has the most durable tools as well as professional relations and communication. Our goal is to bring our experience and quality to everyone who needs it. We would like to start with you.